LibreCAD is free software. There is absolutely no obligation to pay any money to use or redistribute LibreCAD.

Why Donate to LibreCAD?

We don't charge money for LibreCAD, but it does cost money to keep the websites running, maintain the source code and add new features.

If you use LibreCAD profesionally, you may want to make a periodic donation. It will help continue to develop and support the software and features that you use. I know I feel good about myself when I make voluntary donations for the free software and services that I use, so I naturally think you will too.

A donation would not only demonstrate your appreciation of this software, but also help to advance development in the future.

We are moving our paypal account.

Hello! You where send to this page because you just installed LibreCAD and we wanted to thank you for trying the software out. As you might have noticed, this is also a place for you to place a donation, however at this moment we are working on moving our paypal account to a different adres. We hope to be able to accept donations very soon again.

Please enjoy LibreCAD and feel free to ask questions on the forum or our IRC Channel #librecad