Getting help, giving help

Although LibreCAD does have its own built-in help system where you can read about the program and learn how it works, it's always nice to talk to other LibreCAD users, to exchange ideas or share improvements on the project. Developers will be pleased to hear we use github as our main source repository.

Report bugs or feature requests:

Please use our tracker on sourceforge for bugs and feature requests:

Support requests can also be added from the project page at github:

As new features are always implemented in the development branch, please test the master branch at github first. The current release branch, 1.0.0-SNAPSHOT,  has been under feature freeze.

Wiki: Project wiki pages are available at,

Please feel free to help users by writing wiki articles on LibreCAD.

Mailing Lists: For the mailing lists we use Nabble for both the forum and mailinglist. The nice thing about Nabble is that users who like forums better, can use the web-interface to post and read messages. But for people who like mailing lists, they can use their own mail-clients to post and read messages. You do need to subscribe before you can use the mailing lists or forum.

We have currently two mailinglists in place:

You can also simply use the forum located on the website over here: forum

Other methods of communication:

IRC channels: Come chat with us live on IRC at The #librecad channel is for both developer and user channel. So whether you are a coder or user, come and join us. ps: It might be a bit quiet right now as we are just starting the community. Just be patient keep hanging out. It will grow!