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@vmg vmg Thread safe cache bb3de0c
@vmg vmg I broke your bindings
Hey. Apologies in advance -- I broke your bindings.

This is a major commit that includes a long-overdue redesign of the
whole object-database structure. This is expected to be the last major
external API redesign of the library until the first non-alpha release.

Please get your bindings up to date with these changes. They will be
included in the next minor release. Sorry again!

Major features include:

	- Real caching and refcounting on parsed objects
	- Real caching and refcounting on objects read from the ODB
	- Streaming writes & reads from the ODB
	- Single-method writes for all object types
	- The external API is now partially thread-safe

The speed increases are significant in all aspects, specially when
reading an object several times from the ODB (revwalking) and when
writing big objects to the ODB.

Here's a full changelog for the external API:


	- Remove `git_blob_new`
	- Remove `git_blob_set_rawcontent`
	- Remove `git_blob_set_rawcontent_fromfile`
	- Rename `git_blob_writefile` -> `git_blob_create_fromfile`
	- Change `git_blob_create_fromfile`:
		The `path` argument is now relative to the repository's working dir
	- Add `git_blob_create_frombuffer`


	- Remove `git_commit_new`
	- Remove `git_commit_add_parent`
	- Remove `git_commit_set_message`
	- Remove `git_commit_set_committer`
	- Remove `git_commit_set_author`
	- Remove `git_commit_set_tree`

	- Add `git_commit_create`
	- Add `git_commit_create_v`
	- Add `git_commit_create_o`
	- Add `git_commit_create_ov`


	- Remove `git_tag_new`
	- Remove `git_tag_set_target`
	- Remove `git_tag_set_name`
	- Remove `git_tag_set_tagger`
	- Remove `git_tag_set_message`

	- Add `git_tag_create`
	- Add `git_tag_create_o`


	- Change `git_tree_entry_2object`:
		New signature is `(git_object **object_out, git_repository *repo, git_tree_entry *entry)`

	- Remove `git_tree_new`
	- Remove `git_tree_add_entry`
	- Remove `git_tree_remove_entry_byindex`
	- Remove `git_tree_remove_entry_byname`
	- Remove `git_tree_clearentries`
	- Remove `git_tree_entry_set_id`
	- Remove `git_tree_entry_set_name`
	- Remove `git_tree_entry_set_attributes`


	- Remove `git_object_new
	- Remove `git_object_write`

	- Change `git_object_close`:
		This method is now *mandatory*. Not closing an object causes a
		memory leak.


	- Remove type `git_rawobj`
	- Remove `git_rawobj_close`
	- Rename `git_rawobj_hash` -> `git_odb_hash`
	- Change `git_odb_hash`:
		New signature is `(git_oid *id, const void *data, size_t len, git_otype type)`

	- Add type `git_odb_object`
	- Add `git_odb_object_close`

	- Change `git_odb_read`:
		New signature is `(git_odb_object **out, git_odb *db, const git_oid *id)`
	- Change `git_odb_read_header`:
		New signature is `(size_t *len_p, git_otype *type_p, git_odb *db, const git_oid *id)`
	- Remove `git_odb_write`
	- Add `git_odb_open_wstream`
	- Add `git_odb_open_rstream`


	- Change type `git_odb_backend`:
		New internal signatures are as follows

			int (* read)(void **, size_t *, git_otype *, struct git_odb_backend *, const git_oid *)
			int (* read_header)(size_t *, git_otype *, struct git_odb_backend *, const git_oid *)
			int (* writestream)(struct git_odb_stream **, struct git_odb_backend *, size_t, git_otype)
			int (* readstream)( struct git_odb_stream **, struct git_odb_backend *, const git_oid *)

	- Add type `git_odb_stream`
	- Add enum `git_odb_streammode`

Signed-off-by: Vicent Marti <tanoku@gmail.com>

parts rpm package is not necessary, it contains the LibreCAD example blocks