RPM Packages

These RPM packages are externally managed by Rallaz at this location: https://github.com/Rallaz/LibreCAD/wiki/Rpm-packages

Please follow your distributions installation instructions on how to install RPM packages.

@ethomson ethomson iterator: sort subdirs properly with pathlist
When given a pathlist, don't assume that directories sort before
files.  Walk through any list of entries sorting before us to make
sure that we've exhausted all entries that *aren't* directories.

Eg, if we're searching for 'foo/bar', and we have a 'foo.c', keep
advancing the pathlist to keep looking for an entry prefixed with
@ethomson ethomson Merge pull request #3352 from ethomson/hidden
win32: ensure hidden files can be staged

parts rpm package is not necessary, it contains the LibreCAD example blocks